Changing Your Passwords: How Often Should You Do It?

Summary: Can changing your password protect you from all the Internet thieves out there?

You’ve heard it all the time. “Change your passwords regularly”. It’s common advice when it comes to internet security, but do you really need to do it as much people warn you to? The answer is simple: yes.

There are numerous situations where you’ll want to regularly change your passwords. However, it’s important that you don’t go about this in a lazy way. Realistically, people don’t want to continuously change their passwords. Clicking through a bunch of pages and waiting for things to load isn’t exactly what you’d call fun. Plus, you’ll have to write down every new password you set up so you don’t forget it. Yes, it’s tedious. But, it can protect you from hackers and thieves.

Why Change Your Password?

Staying on top of your Internet security should be something you’d want to take seriously. If someone gets ahold of passwords from your bank account or other sites, you’re basically leaving your personal information out in the open for them to do whatever they want to do. Imagine a complete stranger having your full address, telephone number, and other information that websites tend to store – yikes. The professionals at Constant Technologies, Inc. believe that managing your security safely and effectively, without going about it in a lazy fashion, can truly impact your overall Internet security.

Without the ability to monitor every single aspect of your network activity, and lacking the proper equipment like control center consoles, which you probably don’t own in your household, you’re essentially leaving yourself out to dry. Why do this when you can continuously look to protect yourself by simply changing your password every now and then. Now, you probably don’t want to do this too much, as it can become a nuisance and even make you change your password to a weaker one, but be mindful that certain times a change in your password could make a difference.