Comparing Three Types of Door Materials

Wood, fiberglass, and steel are three common door materials that are commonly used in household today. They all range in prices and they each have their own set of unique benefits. Here’s a quick breakdown on each of them.


Steel doors are the least expensive out of the three. You can purchase some for under $200 with professional installation only running you another $200. They’re durable, sturdy, and require little maintenance. A popular option in many households, they have been increasing in popularity. However, steel doors can rust eventually which not only will provide an ugly look to your front façade but it’s undoubtedly going to need replacement soon after.


Wood doors have been one of the most popular options. Their grainy texture is attractive and the natural color of the wood is gorgeous. The downsides to having a wood door are that they swell, fade, and rot over time which requires the homeowner to maintain it frequently. Prices range variably but expect to see wood doors cost you in the thousands to buy. Labor won’t necessarily be cheap either.


Fiberglass has the ability to be stained and look like natural wood, but without the hassle of it rotting in the sun or bending and breaking. Prices on these doors start at $200 and up. Not necessarily an expensive price for a reliable door. If you include wood within these fiberglass doors, expect to maintain these doors as you would with a fully-wooden door or you’ll begin to see warping over time, making your entire door look out of sync.

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