Convenient, Accurate Forensic Supplies

When it comes to investigation, being precise and accurate 100% of the time is vital. For forensic detectives and law enforcement, having the right equipment is essential for making that happen. Luckily, having access to such equipment is as easy as getting online. Websites are available to help determine your investigating needs and forensic supplies, provide professional tools that have not been tampered with and reliable, and deliver them straight to your home or place of business.

Fingerprint powder is an essential in determining if any clues are left at a crime scene. This powder is reliable and easy to work with. It will stick only to the latent print providing a crisp fingerprint. Newer technology allows fingerprints to show the pores, ridges, and topography. This accuracy allows for detectives to more confidently identify persons. Newer powders also allow for a darker contrast of the print allowing it to be more visible.

Fingerprint ink is now available in strips that make it more portable for various locations. Instead of messy finger print blotters; these strips can be used at remote locations and with less mess. This convenience; however, does not compromise the quality of the fingerprint obtained. Rather, these strips constitute prints of equal quality and precision. These strips also allow for easy clean up—the ink is removable with just soap and water or even just a wet paper towel. The ink is safe to use and free of any dangerous solvents. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.