EDI Services: Efficient Business Solutions

EDI or electronic data interchange is one of the new methods big companies use to track their businesses. This is a method of transferring data across computer systems or networks. One of the main purposes of an EDI service bureau is managing e-commerce. Most EDI services providers help track warehouse orders and replace bills of lading. There are many advantages to implementing EDI in your company but with the good also comes the bad.

EDI eliminates paper processing, thus, reduncing cost by minimizing the need for paper. It also eliminates repetitive tasks usually undergone due to paper processing. Time is saved because documents can be transferred quicker and processing errors are minimized. Customer service can also be improved using EDI. With this new technology come some glitches in the system. One of which is a problem with cross compatibility. Many standards bodies create their own standard documents formats thus giving rise to compatibility issues. EDI can also be limiting in such cases where businesses only wish to transact with other EDI-users.

Article submitted by Act Data Services, Inc. The Company provides top-notch EDI services to many large corporations. Established in 1985, their business has shifted from IBM mainframe services to providing solutions to Walmart EDI partners. Their services include EDI service bureau, web store portals and other custom portals and integrations. Act Data also offers to help you switch from your existing EDI to theirs for free. Their present clients includes 7-Eleven, Ace Hardware, Amazon, American Airlines, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, Dunlap, eBay, GAP, Haggar Siemens, Target and many more.