Finding an outsourced call center

As a business grows, it will find that certain aspects of its everyday processes are not economically viable to run anymore. Therefore finding economical solutions for those problems areas becomes vital. An outsourced call center is one of the best solutions for a company’s call handling needs.

Most, If not all, of these outsourced call centers have an online presence. So it is just a matter of running a search and clicking on a few links to find a center that can help you. However, you should not judge a service from the quality of their website alone. Graphics and other niceties can make things look great but, “the proof of the pie is in the eating” as they say.So don’t just go by the cost and the types of services they offer – test it out for yourself.

Reputed service providers have test answering services set up on their websites. Sometimes called a web call center, these test services allow you to get a preliminary feel for the service.While this is good, you need to take this a step further. You need to find out how good the phone answering service is in a real life situation. You can do this simply by finding out about a few of the service provider’s clients and making a few calls to their help line/ reception / complaints. When you make the call, try out a few thigns; be curt, angry, loony, dumb etc. on different calls so that you can gauge how the service handles such difficult customers.