Finger Print Kits and Their Uses

If you work in any forensics office, you will find that there a many different ways to identify people. Fingerprints are the first way in which people are identified. You’ve seen these on any crime TV show. Fingerprint kits have all of the supplies such as pads and ink to take accurate finger prints at remote locations. There are also special kinds of kits, such as semi-inkless pads or inking slabs. These are useful for transferring finger print forms. Some kits also offer additional products like cleaners, wipes and solvents to keep as clean as possible.

In addition to fingerprinting kits, there are also prescan fingerprint enhancers. This was created to limit the impact of uncontrollable elements and to ensure the fingerprints recorded are usable and clear every use. Sometimes fingerprint quality isn’t the clearest or it doesn’t make proper contact with the glass which scans it. If you use the enhancer, it makes sure there is plenty of solution on the finger to get a clear print. The solution is especially effective because it’s colorless, and therefore, the quality of the fingerprint is increased.

When children first begin school, there is usually a day when people come in and take print and have them take home a form for an identification card. In case of emergency, child fingerprint cards are filled out for each student. These records help store information that could assist law enforcement in the off chance that something bad happens.