How Smart Businesses Can Manage Their Funds for Video Wall Displays

Summary: Overhead costs can be the death of any company, especially when equipment goes unused and ends up being tossed away.

As any business owner that’s gone through investing in a superior command center will attest, video walls tend to the be primary AV category that will cost the most amount of money. Now, simple video walls might include one or two screens and basic components, but consider the fact that this simple setup can equate to a few thousand dollars at the minimum.

Larger, more complex displays can cost a company upwards of ten or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, the real question behind this is, how much are you willing to spend for your business?

Allocate Your Funds Towards Productivity

If you invest in a low-budget setup, chances are you’ll only be able to accomplish so much. Not to say that a basic setup won’t work for your company, you just need to determine what you specifically need in order to run your business effectively. Place every service under a microscope and determine what you require. You can even consult with a professional and see how you can maximize your money while still remaining productive.

Don’t Overspend

If you have the capital, you might be tempted to spend a significant amount of money on technological equipment like a 70” LCD video wall that’s filled to the brim with third-party screens. Ask yourself if you really need this for your business? While an efficient command center requires the right amount of equipment, it shouldn’t mean that you should immediately purchase the latest, and most expensive, equipment pieces available today. What good would it be if your technicians only need the bare minimum, leaving the other pieces neglected and unused? It’s wasted money in the long run.