How to Order a Custom Door Online

Custom doors aren’t just for mansions. Sometimes, you want an extra feature that doesn’t come standard with a wood door. Glass inserts are a good example, where you might want a particular pattern or placement. As the door is custom-built, you will need to make sure you’ve chosen every aspect of it. You can usually modify a door after it has been installed, but if you’re going to pay for a custom build you should get everything done at once.

Measuring Your Door

You’ll need to begin by measuring the entire length and width of the doorway that will hold your custom door. If you are trying to expand your space, by perhaps adding double doors or a wider door, you will need to measure the portion of the wall you plan to remove as well. A tape measure will do, and you’ll need the length and width in inches. Be as precise as possible, but you can use shims for small adjustments if you have extra space on one or both sides.

Choosing Materials

The material you use to build your door affects how it will hold up to weather, and how well the door will insulate the room. A wood door will require staining or some kind of finish to make sure it can stand up to prolonged exposure to the elements. Aluminum doors can have insulation that retains heat. These doors also tend to hold a paint job longer than a wood door, and will take a new coat of paint without the need to sand off the old coat.

Choosing Accessories

The last part of ordering a custom door is your accessories, including knobs and the like. You might want to add metal corners to your door, for a rustic feel, or you have specific tastes in colors to match your surroundings check over here. Add everything you might potentially want now, or else you’ll need to install it later.


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