Join a Social Lottery Website

If you’re an avid lottery player in California, you can now join a social website that connects you with other lottery players in the state: Lotto Gopher. This unique online social network has been around for about three years, and is rapidly growing as a great online destination for people who want to connect with others who share the same passion of playing the lottery.

The main reason people might visit Lotto Gopher is to order California lottery tickets, such as Mega Millions tickets, online. However, Lotto Gopher also offers several ways for players to connect with other lottery players in the state.  The first and probably most exciting way to meet other lottery players is to join a public lottery pool. By joining a group to pool tickets, consumers can become members of a larger community that shares their likes and interests. What’s more, they can increase their odds of winning the jackpot. An online lottery pool is a great idea for someone who works from home and might not have the option of joining a pool at the workplace.

Why would anyone join a lottery pool with strangers? It doesn’t have to be with strangers. You can create your own pool and invite friends and family to join. But even if you do join a pool with complete strangers, at least you’re increasing your odds at winning the multimillion dollar jackpot. So the next time you want to order Mega Millions online lottery tickets, don’t forget to join a lottery pool, too.