Our guide to choosing the best construction expert witness

Choosing the right expert witness for your case is important as it may be the only way to win a case and avoid unwarranted claims. However, finding the right expert witness will require a fair bit of research, patience and interviewing skills before you can make your final decision. Here is our guide to choosing the best construction expert witness.

Qualifications – Expert witnesses should possess the appropriate license that is required for your specific case. List out the licenses you require, before your search.

Experience and expertise – You want an experienced expert who has multiple appearances in front of a jury. Look at the expert witness’s track record on how he presents himself or herself in front of a jury.

Confirm availability – Make sure that your expert witness is available to take on your case. Provide dates and times of court appearances and confirm availability in writing.

Easy to work with – Being able to work with the expert witness comfortably is important as it does not put undue pressure on the parties involved in the case.

Research – Conduct your research on potential expert witnesses to identify their image, credibility, integrity, honesty, and reliability before making your final choice.

Written by Lyle Charles Consulting. The firm has a long list of experienced, qualified experts that will help with construction cases. Contact them for well-trained team will help you select the best construction expert witness for your case.