Personalizing a Temporary Office Space

With the rise of commercial leasing rates in Texas, many business owners working from home are turning to temporary executive suites in Dallas.

Renting temporary office space makes for an incredibly smooth transition to a commercial space as business grows. Instead of the commitment to a 6 or 12 month long commercial lease, it’s better to start with a flexible plan. Until a business owner finds a permanent situation, using temporary office space is a solution for an unpredictable budget. Rent meeting rooms in Dallas at a prestigious address while conducting the rest of your affairs in your home office.

Phasing between a home and commercial office can be an uncomfortable transition. However convenient a shared office space may be, it feels transient and impersonal. Many shared office spaces are adorned with plain furniture and white walls. And this decor could rival the joyful and inspirational properties of a mental institution. Spending too much time in a bland enclosed space can make any person feel like they belong in a psychiatric ward.

Conversely, your home environment is your space. It’s a place to hang family pictures and collect objects you’ve gathered over the years. Suddenly, when you lease an office, you have to share your space with other people. Personalizing your office space is a way to feel more comfortable in your environment. However, many of these temporary leasing companies don’t allow you to drill holes or paint the walls. This makes administering your creative touch a challenge.

Bring objects from home to place on your desk as a reflection of your personality. Showing your inner passion and creativity can help soften up the atmosphere in the office. People long to feel connected to each other, even if their work doesn’t require them to speak. Color, depth and inspiration is equally important to a positive atmosphere as the unique individuals who inhabit it.

There are solutions for decorating walls without drilling holes or altering the color. Consider a free standing grid wall that you would normally see in a clothing boutique. You can set it up in your shared office space for practical use for hanging files and supplies, but you can also use it to hang pictures and other personal touches. Bring a seat pillow for your office chair to add some color and make your space look more dynamic. Colorful supplies like a journal or pencil holder can also take the drab out of your workspace.


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