Construction Delays Factors

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Few companies out there can function completely on their own. Obviously, no business can run without customers. But there are a small number that contain their own ecosystem in terms of producing and offering their product.

Construction companies are definitely not an example of this. Every construction company out there has to juggle countless factors in order to finish a successful build. This almost always becomes overwhelming, but sometimes it can even end in delays—something no construction company wants.

One of the main reasons behind construction delays is weather. You can’t predict it and in some regions it’s especially inhospitable. If you get hit by flash-floods or especially merciless winters, your build is going to slow.

Another common reason has to do with supplies. Most construction firms have a number of suppliers at their disposal. Ideally, they all transport inventory that arrives when it’s supposed to. If it doesn’t, for whatever reason, delays are inevitable.

A number of issues can transpire over the course of a build due to unions. They essentially call the shots where your workers are concerned. If they call a strike, your build will come to a screeching halt.

No matter what type of delay you face, be sure you know how to handle construction claim preparation.

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