Restaurant Pagers

Operating a restaurant can be a very complicated task, especially if your equipment is outdated and the front and back of house communicate with paper and pencil. Not only does this make the service much slower, but it also makes it very inefficient as the waiter or waitress would have to go from table to the kitchen and back to deliver the order. New restaurants have employed new technology to make operations much more efficient this invention is actually used in hospitals already and they have just been adapted into the food service industry quite recently, and these are now called Restaurant Pagers. These items make it possible for the front of house and the kitchen to communicate without the hassle of travelling by foot to the kitchen. They can now just enter the order into their own side of the network then just take the orders of the table next to it.

These HME pagers are now an industry standard as more and more restaurants are now adopting this technology into their operations as they not only make things much cheaper and faster, they can also avoid confusion and misunderstanding caused by bad handwriting on order slips. This reduces the amount of returns and complaints from the customers, reducing the need for replacement or other services, and also increases good feedback for your food establishment, eventually giving you good word of mouth, which is always a good source of free publicity. So adopt them now and make your restaurant just as competent with the others.