Social Media: The Most Recent Idea for Display Advertising – By Ted Dhanik

Imagine if there was a way that a simple banner ad could have the potential of reaching millions with just one or two viewings. What if word of mouth became the primary way a company’s message reached its potential consumers? Or, what if trust and connectedness could be created between a company and their customers with a minimum of effort? All of these are possible through the use of social media sites on the web.

All it really takes is to convince one individual who would then be willing to share your message with others. And with the sharing of a simple banner add or streaming video, it can then continue to be shared with millions of people through a word of mouth process. By having friends on a social media site, an individual already possesses a modicum of trust with those they share their status or updates with. And if just one individual believes and, in turn, shares this belief with his friends and family, they too can become an advocate of a company’s products and services. Of course, a company needs to convince at least one individual to get the process started.

Display advertising can be developed for use with social media. While the same advertising rules apply in the creation of ads and promotions to create interest, these elements only need to be used a few times for the viral nature of social media to take over and reproduce. By having an aspect of marketing that initially appeals to only a relatively few, social media brings about the potential to appeal to millions of others with the simple push of a “like” button.

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