Stencils make Good Visual Art Materials

Stencils are templates used to paint or draw identical objects or patterns that include letters, numbers, shapes and symbols. Using stencil as a visual art technique is a unique approach to producing visual materials for learning. A stencil is formed by taking away sections from a template material, following an outline of an image or a text. This essentially creates the negative. The templates are then used to produce duplicates of the image that has been stenciled by means of coating a pigment on the surface of the template, all throughout the removed sections. This leaves a duplicate of the stencil on the fundamental surface.

For classroom and artwork purposes, letter stencils come handy most of the time. Since there are different letter templates available; painting a name or writing a good slogan, or even a short poem for someone special is made possible. Most primary school teachers use stencils for the alphabet since the stencils can be ordered in different sizes. For personalized projects, ordering customized letter stencils is also possible.

Like the letters, number stencils are also available for classroom use or artwork projects. Number stencils are designed to be easy to print and cut. Each set of numbers comes in different template designs to create a variety of choices for customers looking for a particular template, layout or font. Cutting a stencil can be tricky so it needs to be mounted against a cutting board for a stable base and only a sharp craft knife is to be used to ensure precision.