The Latest Real-Time Bidding Platform

A leading integrated-media advertising company in West Hollywood, CA is changing the way advertisers think about real-time bidding platforms. Engage: BDR launched First Impression in May 2012, introducing to the world the industry’s first real time display self-serve display platform for direct response advertising.

First Impression has made a huge impact in the online media industry. Customers who have not experienced the benefits of First Impression might be missing out on a premium product. However, engage: BDR is more than an RTB company. In fact, before it was an RTB company, it was an ad network for four years.

Through First Impression, clients do not have to worry about going through ad exchanges, a route that usually causes advertisers many problems. After all, who wants their ads posted on low-quality sites? In contrast, First impression makes it possible for advertisers to purchase directly from publishers. But there is so much more about First Impression that sets it apart from other real time bidding platforms.

In an interview with TechCrunch, President of engage: BDR Ted Dhanik highlights the many benefits clients can look forward to when using First Impression. He said that clients will have the opportunity to access the firm’s “exchange traffic, and to inventory outside the company’s ad network.”

Since it’s the launch of the company in 2007, engage: BDR continues to make headlines in the industry by offering the latest marketing solutions. Instead of traditional products, engage: BDR is known for developing cutting-edge marketing solutions that are being used by the likes of Google, Fox, and PlayBoy. Other companies include eHarmony and Nokia, to name a few. The company is run by President and CEO Ted Dhanik. Along with 14 years of industry experience, Dhanik offers a B.A. degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University at Hayward.

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