Thoughts on Mining Safety

According to the Mine Safety and Health administration, a limb of the US Department of Labor, mining fatalities have significantly decreased since 1978, the date of its implementation. In 1978, there were over 250 cases of fatalities in the mining industry. The acquisition of a mining equipment starting unit can significantly decrease the risk for fatalities. Batteries are incredibly dangerous to work with if not approached properly and respectfully. Protective equipment should always be worn by anyone in contact with a battery.


The administration has worked diligently through inspections and safety regulation to decrease that number below 50 fatalities in 2012. The administration enforces compliance with mandatory health and safety standards. All mining operations in the United States are subject to the MSHA, regardless of size, number of employees, commodity mined, or method of extraction. MSHA collaborates to improve standards for health and safety, collects monetary penalties for violations, provides opportunities for training and approves the design of certain mining equipment.

Injuries as a Result of Batteries

Miners can be seriously injured or blinded by batteries while charging, removing, installing or maintaining them. Wearing protective equipment like chemical resistant rubber gloves, aprons and face shields are incredibly important while working with batteries. Battery acid is extremely flammable. When exposed to the air, toxic fumes and acid are released. Lungs can be burnt from simply breathing in the fumes and blindness will occur if the acid comes in contact with the eyes. Grinders welders and electrical equipment should be kept away from a battery to prevent explosion from high environmental temperatures. Batteries should be kept free of dust to prevent a shortage or explosion.

Using a Portable Battery Pack

A portable battery is often needed in remote places like a mine. Having a versatile starting unit on wheels not only offers convenience, it offers safety as well. Electrically started turbine engines can be started simply with a 26VDC portable battery pack. A charge total of 18 amps of output can charge a battery for another four hours or so. Lithium batteries provide the same power as lead-acid type batteries but are 42% lighter and 32% smaller. This allows them to be maneuvered in tighter spaces. These have twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries and can be left discharged without causing damage. Lithium batteries provide a flexible and reliable solution for restarting mining equipment. Lithium batteries can be used to restart aircraft maintenance equipment as well.