Tips on Choosing Acoustic Foam to Soundproof Your Office

Your office is the place where you do the real work each day but what if your concentration is constantly interrupted by noise? This happens so often today because buildings are crowded with lots of different businesses. People come and go. Even those working from home have this problem. You may be trying to have a meeting with your group while there are children playing in the next room.

There’s an easy solution for this and it’s well known to musicians and singers. It’s called acoustical sound proofing. How this works is simple. A special acoustical foam is attached to the walls, ceilings and other areas. You can get sound proofing for any space and there are lots of different types of this material.

Below are a few of the types of acoustical foam available:

Acoustic pyramid

Acoustic wedge

Acoustic spade

Acoustic eggcrate

Acoustic grid

Acoustic wave

You can also purchase corner solutions and sound barriers from websites like The Foam Factory. They have spray adhesive to purchase and sound proofing materials are easy to cut and apply. You can get professionals to help with this project or do it yourself. You may want to begin by sound proofing one area to get a feel for how the material works. There are plenty of videos and blogs to help as well.

If you’re a musician, then acoustical foam for sound proofing is essential. It can prevent you from disturbing others and give you a private place to practice.