Consulting with a design-build construction contractor

Written by Lyle Charles

Most project owners will design and plan the project prior to meeting a construction-consulting firm.  This process may cause the project owner to spend more time, money and cause for more revisions.  Here are some benefits of involving a construction-consulting firm to your construction project early on in the process.

Lower cost – If a project owner involves a construction consulting firm early on, they can help to design and plan the project from start to finish. This means that the project will have clear, realistic processes and time frames to reach these goals. The early input will also provide accurate costs and material requirements that will help in budgeting the project.

Fewer mistakes – Since the company planning and executing the plan are one of the same, there will be fewer mistakes and revisions. This is mainly because the designers and the architect will be easily available if the builders have any clarifications.

Better control and oversight – By using one consulting firm the owner will have more transparency, control, and accountability. This is mainly because progress can be monitored and measured to ensure that the project is on track.

Faster timeline – Due to the lower rate of mistakes and clear oversight, most projects will finish on time or faster than the projected date.

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Lyle Charles is construction claims consultants for commercial construction projects across the United States.