What to Do If You Are Placed On the Terminated Merchant File

The terminated merchant file or the MATCH file is file with a list of all merchants that have had their merchant accounts terminated by their respective merchant banks for all the wrong the reasons. Being placed on this list not only means that you are now unable to process credit cards, which is a great disadvantage for your business, but would have great difficulty in doing so in the future as well since all merchant banks including Solid Trust Pay will be reluctant to open an account for you because of the risk you bring in to the bank.

So if you do find yourself in this predicament what should you do?

First of all you need to find out from the merchant service provider such as Solid Trust Pay who has listed you, the reasons for such listing. Consult with a lawyer specializing in terminated merchant files and find out if you have been listed in error. If it so,  the acquiring bank that included your name in the TMF can make a request from MasterCard to have your name removed from the file.

If the name has been included in error the chances are that your name will be removed, but if the reasons for listing are cited as fraud it is highly unlikely that solidtrustpay or any merchant service provider will agree to have the name deleted from the file.

If your account was terminated and your name was listed due to the high rate of chargebacks, you have to let the chargeback claims to be rectified in order for the bank to be certain that it will not be liable for any of the chargebacks.

One of the common reasons for a merchant to be listed in the TMF is the non-payment of the final payment to the merchant bank and the payment of the due amount will see your name removed.

If your name is in the TMF you will now be considered a High risk merchant and depending on the reasons for being listed, the only recourse available for you to process credit cards would be to be to open a costly high risk merchant account. Visit www.solidtrustpay.com to find out if you can qualify to open a high risk merchant account.

The best thing is to avoid getting listed and for this it is important to open your account with a reputed merchant service provider like www.solidtrustpay.com to avoid unnecessarily getting your name in the TMF.