Where to report bad business?

Entrusting a business to provide the service you require or the product you need is always a daunting process, especially if it’s one that you have never engaged with before. And while a lot of businesses are doing the right thing, there’s a handful of instances where problems arise, or even customers get scammed.

The worst part might be the realization that it could take long periods to get problems rectified, compensation for poor services, or report scammers. Knowing the right places to report bad business or post negative business reviews is crucial to help you seek redress. To make the process easier, we have mentioned some websites where you can complain about bad business. 


When encountered with unsatisfactory business, consumers are often confused on where to take up their concerns. With Revdex, a website that allows consumers to read online business reviews and report unsatisfactory business experiences, you can’t take your complaint to the website without wasting time. Additionally, you can find new businesses and services on Revdex and assess their reviews before plunging to utilize their services. Visit the site to file a complaint about travel, report moving company issues, or any other such issues.


With Avvo, you can file a complaint against attorneys who have committed professional misconduct or leave a review on their site about your attorney-related concerns.


Tripadvisor allows its users to write reviews about your holiday experiences, from hotel services to offerings at restaurants – you can criticize almost anything about your trip to avoid future travelers from experiencing the same mishaps.

Report Fraud/ Scams

Apart from sharing your consumer disputes online, you might want to report the crime with police or federal agencies. The Federal Trade Commission is the main agency that collects scam reports and is an ideal avenue to take when reporting a scam.