Why Artificial Grass is Growing in Playgrounds

Children love to play outside and so playgrounds provide them with a great place to play, exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors. But accidents can happen, and often do. According to KidsHealth.org, more than 200,000 children are treated in the ER each year for injuries occurred on the playground. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that all outdoor play equipment is safe and durable for children. In addition to proper playground design, a safe playing surface is considered one the most significant elements in preventing injuries.

Children require a soft and durable playing surface under the playground equipment, one that is able to absorb the impact of a fall. Does wholesale artificial turf fit the bill? According to many studies, it does. Here’s a look at why artificial grass is becoming a popular playing surface under playground equipment.

Synthetic turf protects children from impact injuries. Traditional playground surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and blacktop are not considered safe anymore. This is because over time the wear and tear of such surfaces can diminish the quality of the surface, making it inept to absorb a child’s fall. However, playground-grade artificial turf has been designed with safety and product durability in mind. It’s created with Polyethylene, selected for its soft and forgiving feel, ideal for protecting children from impact injuries. Synthetic turf also comes with a 100 percent crumb rubber infill that has been shown to be safer than sod, wood chips, sand, and urethane surfaces.

An artificial grass playing surface is accessible to everyone. Children with disabilities should not have a difficult time accessing a playground simply because of an uneven surface. However, the stable synthetic turf surface is designed to be accessible to everyone, including children in wheelchairs. In fact, artificial grass makes it possible for children in all types of assisted equipment (including braces) to access the facility safely and easily. However, disabled children are not the only people benefiting from an ADA accessible playing surface. Parents who are disabled or use assisted equipment can now get close to their children and enjoy play time together.

Artificial grass can be used indoors. There are many cities across America where children can’t play outside because it’s simply not safe. But just because children might live in a challenging neighborhood doesn’t mean they should be robbed of play time, exercise, and meeting with friends. The good news is that artificial grass wholesale can be used to create safe indoor play areas.


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