Why Do US Online Stores Limit Their Shipping?

Article written by USA2Me.com

In the age of internet, we have all caught ourselves shopping, not in a mall, but rather online. We all find great things online in the various online stores that we get wind off. The classic thing that happens to us who do not live in the same country as the vendor is this. We browse through their whole store, find some nice things that we can buy, and sometimes we even have a promo code so we get a discount. We reach checkout and our cart is full. We’re so happy with we picked out and are ecstatic that we got them at a great deal. Then we fill out all the details like billing and shipping address then suddenly we find out the vendor doesn’t ship to our country.  Most vendors do this because international shipping costs a lot more than domestic, even to the vendor. Sometimes they also make partnerships with couriers and delivery services that are limited in their shipping destinations.

Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to happen anymore. With international mail forwarding you can shop all you want from your favorite sellers and never be restricted by shipping locations. Your online store can ship your great buys to a domestic address where it will then be forwarded right to your door step. International mail forwarding is a great service that bridges the gap between where the courier can deliver and your home.

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