Why Having a Well-Equipped EOC Can Drastically Improve Production

Summary: Streamlined efficiency goes hand-in-hand with effective space planning.

When it comes to Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), the primary focus revolves around engaging in command and control. However, these operations centers does not have a sole purpose but can also include other activities such as training and conferencing. By implementing effective space planning into one’s concept of operations, effective operational plans can be performed with maximum efficiency. This guide provides what a well-equipped emergency operations center should look like.

Supplementary Video Wall Systems

In the midst of a real world crisis, a constant stream of information flows throughout the operations center. Having a modern video wall system makes it possible to bring an excess amount of informational sources to an allocated central point for all respondents to see and react with. These systems must be dependable and modular for maximum productivity. Do not be fooled by choosing a specific display technology as it hardly is as important as the productivity that the systems put out. If it can quickly retrieve and display information as needed, it’ll be just fine.

Custom Furniture

When a command center has a variety of tools, operators can make decisions in a more coordinated manner. Having custom command center furniture that is designed specifically for this purpose is an underrated aspect of running a streamlined center. Note that emergency dispatch teams require specially designed consoles that are equipped with communication tools and can run continuously around the clock. Command center furniture must be designed with these goals in mind if you’re looking to increase the overall productivity of your EOC.